Out Film CT has been presenting our community here in Connecticut with great LGBT films for 30 years now. That’s over 1550 films shown – including features, documentaries and shorts.  Please select a Festival below for a walk down memory lane or to explore films you may have missed and might want to see.

30th Festival June 2017
29th Festival June 201618th EROS Festival - Nov 2016
28th Festival May/June 201517th EROS Festival - Nov 2015
27th Festival May/June 201416th EROS Festival - Nov 2014
26th Festival May/June 201315th EROS Festival - Nov 2013
25th Festival June 201214th EROS Festival - Nov 2012
24th Festival May/June 201113th EROS Festival - Nov 2011
23rd Festival May/June 201012th EROS Festival - Nov 2010
22nd Festival May 200911th EROS Festival - Nov 2009
21st Festival June 200810th EROS Festival - Nov 2008
20th Festival June 20079th EROS Festival - Nov 2007
19th Festival June 20068th EROS Festival - Nov 2006
18th Festival June 20057th EROS Festival - Nov 2005
17th Festival June 20046th EROS Festival - Nov 2004
16th Festival June 20035th EROS Festival - Nov 2003
15th Festival June 20024th EROS Festival - Nov 2002
14th Festival June 20013rd EROS Festival - Nov 2001
13th Festival June 20002nd EROS Festival - Oct 2000
12th Festival June 19991st EROS Pride - Oct 1999
1st through 11th Festivals, 1988-1998
Statistics and trivia:
# times Films shown multiple times over the years
7 The Laramie Project (Dir. Moises Kaufman, 2002, Usa, 97 Min)
3 Gayby (Director: Jonathan Lisecki, 2012, USA, 89 min)
2 Boy Meets Girl (Directed by Eric Schaeffer, 2014, USA, 95 min)
2 La Mission (Dir. Peter Bratt, 2009, USA, 117 min)
2 Liz in September (Dir. Fina Torres, 2014, Venezuela, 93 min, in Spanish with English subtitles)
2 The Kids Are All Right (Directed by Lisa Cholodenko, 2010, USA, 106 min)
2 Zero Patience (John Greyson, Canada, 1993, 35mm, 100 min.)

The most films shown in one Festival was 77 in 2009 at the 22nd Festival.
The fewest films shows was 4 during the 4th Festival.