Second Thursday Cinema – The Imitation Game – April 9

Second Thursday Cinema – The Imitation Game – April 9

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The Imitation Game

At a time when a Nazi victory was still a possibility, British mathematician Alan Turing helped defeat fascism with his part in breaking the Enigma Code. As performed by Benedict Cumberbatch (star of BBC’s Sherlock), Turing is as socially awkward as he is brilliant. Once the war is over, Turing must face another struggle, as the government he protected chooses to prosecute him for being gay. A thrilling true story that reveals the kind of entrenched bigotry that destroys lives, brought to life by a superb cast including Keira Knightley and Allen Leech (Downton Abbey’s Tom Branson).

“The film’s prime force is Cumberbatch, a great actor whose talent shines here on its highest beams. It’s an explosive, emotionally complex performance.” – Peter Travers, Rolling Stone.

UK, 2014, Director: Morten Tyldum, 114 min.